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About Us

We are experienced vaporizer users that have been using these products for years, and can make personal recommendations for you based upon specific qualifications that you desire.  We are informed individuals who are seeking to share the powerful information about marijuana and vaporizers to spread the positive outlook about the future and what is in store for this great country of ours.  


We provide high quality, in depth reviews of vaporizers to clearly identify which ones are the best and what ones you should bee looking at to make your purchasing decisions.  There are so many products available today, and it can be extremely challenging to successfully identify one that will definitely assist you with your vaping needs.  This is why we have created a close knit community of like minded individuals who all share the same passions for the industry and are determined to provide useful information to newcomers who are interested in making their first purchases.

Pen Vaporizers

The most common type of vaporizers that we review are pen vaporizers.  These are very small vapes that can fit right in your pocket or purse and can be taken with you wherever you go.  Pen vaporizers can vape dried herbs, wax, or oil depending on what they were designed to do.  You can really have a nice experience with these products, and we highly recommend that you check them out if you are slightly interested in this subject.  Another great thing about pen vaporizers is the ability to charge them up and have them last a long time, so you can vape consistently without much trouble at all.  These vaporizers are fitted with high quality, long lasting lithium ion batteries that are fully rechargeable and can meet the needs of any person who wants to vaporize quickly and efficiently.  The most common type of vaporizer pen has been designed for use with waxes, so keep that in mind when you are making your purchases.  There are other types of vape pens though, some are for dried herbs and the others are for wax.  The wax pens use heating coils to gradually heat up the concentrates and get them to a temperature that will allow the active ingredients to be extracted without much difficulty.  Of course you can always try using your own home made concentrates, but we recommend that you get someone else to do it if you really want to take your game to the next level.  

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are rechargeable, handheld units that you can take with you on the go.  They are very similar to vape pens, but are a bit more bulky and take up more space.  Some portables are too big to stick right in your pocket, such as the Arizer Solo, and this provides some issues for some customers who end up getting frustrated with these specifications and wish to design a better product for the company.  Some users claim that you don't really need a small portable if you are only going to be using it around the house, and others constantly say how using a portable can really take your vaping game to the next level.  Of course you will ultimately have to make this decision up for yourself, so please take our words with a certain level of caution and try to analyze how things will benefit you in the long run.  

Another great thing about portable vaporizers it that they will hold a charge for a very long time, allowing you to remain constantly on the go throughout your day without having to constantly stop to recharge your device every hour or so.  If you like style and convenience, then a portable vaporizer is most likely right for you.  One way to find out is to go around and take a look at all of the other methods of consumption available, and then make your final purchasing decision based on the information that you now possess.  This can really propel you to the next level in terms of being ready to take your personal level of responsibility to the next level.  If you are committed and work hard enough at finding the right portable for your needs, you will eventually succeed and you will be looked up to as a vaporizer industry expert.  You will have attained a certain level of knowledge that will set you far apart from others in this same space.  If you are interested in purchasing a portable vaporizer right now, and you already have a good idea of what type of product you want, then head on over to PortableVaporizersNow.com and have a look around to see if there is something that you can find.